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Great deals in August

Event time from August 20th to September 20th

1.【Get USDT by depositing for the first time】

During the event, you can participate in the corresponding quota rewards by becoming a RoyalMn member.

Rewards for the user's daily first recharge subscription quota: 100 USDT Cashback Bonus 2 USDT
1000 USDT Cashback Bonus 20 USDT
10000 USDT cashback bonus 200 USDT
50000 USDT cashback bonus 1000 USDT
100000 USDT cashback bonus 2000 USDT
①Only during the event period, the account will be rewarded when the account’s first recharge and purchase reaches the corresponding amount every day. Repeated recharge cannot obtain this bonus multiple times.
②If a member is found to use this activity to register repeatedly, collect rewards, etc. during the event, the platform will ban the member's redundant account
③The RoyalMn platform has the final interpretation right of this event

2. [Invite friends to win "USDT bonus"]
During the event period, members who successfully invite 5 friends to complete the registration every week can get 5 USDT/week reward


1. The settlement cycle is once a week. Please contact the online customer service before GMT-4 00:00 on the next Monday to collect the reward. If it expires, it will be settled in a new week. Please collect it in time.

2. One IP corresponds to one registered account, and the registration of multiple accounts with the same IP is regarded as a successful invitation once.

3. Successful invitation means that the invited friends download the RoyalMn official APP, register and log in.

4. [Invite friends to enjoy mining profits forever] Invite friends to successfully complete the subscription, and enjoy 10% of the mining income of friends forever, without any restrictions, the more invitations, the higher the income.

RoyalMn platform has the final interpretation right of this event.